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Sacred Touch Yoga video series is a free on-line course.

You can learn this simple, nourishing form of yoga at home with one or more friends/relatives of any age or gender.

Part 1: The Introduction ~ LINK

Provides an overview, a bit like a trailer:  conveys the emotional tone of  sharing Sacred Touch. While viewing this part, allow yourself to relax by breathing deeply, and let the images and music take you into your body and heart, imagining touching and being touched in these ways.  Enjoy! 

Part 2: What is The Yoga of Sacred Touch? Why learn and practice The Yoga of Sacred Touch?

2A: Overview & Table of Contents ~ LINK                                            

2B: What is Sacred Touch?  ~ LINK 

2C: What are the benefits of practicing Sacred Touch Yoga? ~   LINK

2D: Principles of Sacred Touch Yoga  ~  LINK                                                  

2E: Practicing Sacred Touch Yoga with yourself   ~  LINK                   

2F: How is Sacred Touch a form of Yoga. <Coming soon*>

*Note:  We hope to have 2F on-line in spring 2018.

Part 3: How to practice The Yoga of Sacred Touch.

Part 3 offers detailed instruction in How to give and receive Sacred Touch.

Parts 1 & 2 can well be viewed solo; you’ll only really “get” Part 3 by following along at home with one or more friends and/or family members.

Learning by doing while you watch! It is in 4 sub-parts:

3A = Shoulders

3B = Hands and Feet

Note: this video is actually only 16 minutes long.
Due to a technical glitch, there is an extra 20 minutes of black space at the end.

3C = Chakra-holding and “Gourmet Hugs”

3D = The Face


We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.

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Special thanks to:
Chinmaya Dunster for contributing the beautiful “Ragas Relax”, which is available at Malimba Records.
Rhyolite Entertainment for donating their time and expertise.
“The Yoga of Sacred Touch” and “Sacred Touch Yoga” [copyright 2012 by Sequoia Thom, MA. Please respect my intellectual property.]


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