What is “Sacred Touch Yoga”?

How would your life be different if you regularly took time with people you care about [friends, family, even neighbors and  co-workers] to ground and center by nourishing one another with intentional Sacred Touch*?

Giving/receiving “Sacred Touch*” can be a form of Yoga: a way to quiet the busy mind and come into the Present.

How does touch become “Sacred”?

We distinguish between:

  • Affectionate Touch [brief hugs and kisses on greeting and parting],
  • Nurturing Touch which is more sustained [cuddling, hand holding, massage], and
  • Sexual Touch [intends sexual arousal and usually includes genitals and/or nipples as well as secondary erogenous zones].

We need Nurturing Touch from the cradle to our death bed. Sexual Touch is only desired during the middle years of life, and it does not replace our need for Nurturing Touch.

*Sacred Touch is Nurturing Touch done with the intention of creating deep bodily relaxation and meditative mental stillness.


“Sacred Touch Yoga” :

  • is a practice of simple, non-sexual, nurturing, meditative touch.
  • is a new kind of Yoga…a very natural practice anyone can do with many people in our lives of all ages and genders.
  • is a new form of Mindfulness/Bodyfulness Meditation.

This form of Yoga makes each of us feel more relaxed, nurtured and grounded, effortlessly quieting our busy minds and guiding us into the Present Moment. 

Sacred Touch Yoga reconnects body, heart, and soul.

Learn to use the intuitive language of touch to communicate love and kindness to the people who are important in your life.

  •  “Presence” refers to the state of being completely in-the-moment, rather than in the past or future. It is a focusing of attention into whatever is actually happening now. Touch can be a wonderful vehicle for bringing the busy mind into the body and into Presence. 
    • “Awareness is the power that is concealed within the present moment. That is why we may also call is Presence. The ultimate purpose of human existence, which is to say your purpose, is to bring that power into the world.” ~ Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth,  Plume, 2006, p 78:
    • “In a genuine relationship, there is an outward flow of open, alert attention toward the other person in which there is no wanting whatsoever. That alert attention is Presence. It is the prerequisite for any authentic relationship.” Ibid. p. 84
    • “You are present when what you are doing is not primarily a mean to an end (money, prestige, winning) but fulfilling in itself, when there is joy and aliveness in what you do.”  Ibid. p. 211 
  • “Yoga” literally means “joining together” and refers to any practice done to integrate and connect all the parts of ourselves ~ body, mind, heart and soul ~ and to unite our small ego self with Universal Consciousness, the Cosmic Divine Self.

Sacred Touch Yoga is…

– an effortless meditation, a natural, sensual way to come into the Eternal Present.
– a journey into body relaxation, emotional well-being, a calm mind, deeper levels of your own self/Self.
– nurturing, pleasurable, honoring and connecting your body, heart, and soul.
– an intuitive way to feel more alive, attuned, and at-one with your whole being.
– equally beneficial for the giver and receiver, as both are sharing a space of love.

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Special thanks to:
~ Chinmaya Dunster for contributing the beautiful “Ragas Relax”, which is available at Malimba Records.
~ Rhyolite Entertainment for donating their time and expertise.
“The Yoga of Sacred Touch” and “Sacred Touch Yoga”:
[copyright 2012 by Sequoia Thom, MA. Please respect my intellectual property.]

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